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Smart Lighting

MHT Lighting, Inc. manufactures a comprehensive line of indoor and outdoor luminaries.


MHT Lighting, Inc. is a leading manufacturer LED and induction energy efficient commercial lighting solutions in the United States and also a subsidiary of NAME Energy Group.

MHT Lighting, Inc. has the only ISO 9000/01 certified lighting manufacturing facility in the USA.  Every manufacturing procedure and quality system is proven and documented.  All the products we manufacture have been thoroughly tested and inspected to ensure the product will last for decades.


MHT Lighting, Inc. and the NAME Energy Group are committed to the evolution of lighting as a service. Providing more than illumination, MHT smart lighting solutions provide a rich, data-driven value to smart lighting.  MHT is proud to offer our revolutionary inspeXtor PoE Lighting System. inspeXtor allows the ultimate control of your facility and can chart kW consumption, energy savings, and the ambient temperature.

Fitted with sensors and connected by low-voltage, category 5/6 cable, MHT smart lighting solutions are connected to the internet, plug and play and data capable right out of the box. The ability to read data and react to environmental conditions (anywhere there is an internet connection) make the inspeXtor lighting solution the smart choice for new installations or a retro-fit project.  Take a look at our inspeXtor PoE LED Lighting Fixtures to see which one’s might be right for your next project.

Never has it been so simple and cost-effective to illuminate a complex space and gain so much more in the process.


MHT offers a stunning diversity of lighting options and choices from LED to Induction technology, including fully customized solutions. MHT offers virtually endless options for both indoor and outdoor solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art planning technology, MHT helps its client find the right solutions to optimize energy-efficiency as well as optimum illumination factors.

With all of the technology and added-value features of smart lighting, a light must ultimately function as a light. MHT lighting solutions have not forgotten the core value proposition of lighting and that’s why their lighting warranty is on average twice as long as its competitors averaging 100,000 hours.