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The NAME Energy Group is a clean technology organization, leading manufacturer of data driven energy products, and parent company of MHT Lighting, Inc. and Power Metrics International.

NAME produces products and services that allow its customers to evaluate energy resource utilization. Customers use NAME’s products to monitor energy usage and implement abatement strategies to directly gain significant cost reductions. This includes usage and demand charges which are frequently incorporated into utility bills.

In 2015, NAME was granted a U.S. Patent (Pub. No.: US 2014/0210427 A1, Pub. Date: Jul. 31, 2014) for its DYNAMIC HIGH ENERGY SWITCH technology.  The NAME patented technology is the core of its Flagship SP 2000 Energy Management Systems.

In addition, NAME maintains a downstream manufacturing facility that produces energy-efficient, intelligent lighting products that complement its patented SP2000 EMS suite of services. NAME produces an extensive suite of controllable lighting products including low voltage LED and induction lighting.

NAME has created innovative patented technologies that address and solve current energy concerns. Our solutions significantly reduce cost and extend current life-cycles. These products guarantee and quantify kilowatt-hour savings by: reducing losses in power delivery, identifying and reducing harmonics, correcting for system imbalances, increasing equipment efficiency, and optimizing power utilization. Reductions in kilowatt-hours have been regularly observed. Total electric bill reductions of 6% to 8% have been achieved. Return on investment (ROI) is typically about 24 months.