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Power Metrics International Awarded Third US Patent


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Power Metrics International Awarded Third US Patent

Staten Island Based North American Manufacturing Enterprises Celebrates U.S. Patented SP2000 Models A, B, and E


STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK – December 21st, 2016 – Power Metrics International, a North American Manufacturing Enterprises brand, is the leading manufacturer of power management optimization systems for buildings, facilities, and commercial properties and was recently awarded its third US Patent for its SP2000 energy management system earlier this month.  The third patent, issued on December 6th, 2016, was issued for Dynamic Means for Correcting Load Imbalance and Harmonic Distortion (US 9,515,488 B2).  Thomas Spinelli, CEO of NAME Energy Group, which is the Parent of PMI, stated, “We are excited about this final patent being issued as it reconfirms our position that the SP2000 is a truly a unique system that, we believe, is better than anything else that is on the market today”.

In additional to this third patent, PMI has also substantially upgraded its SPDIER software system and introduced an enterprise monitoring system named Supervisor, which complements its suite of SP2000 energy management devices.

The updated SPIDER system will offer a more robust charting function, ability to set different levels of access, advanced parameter settings, detailed alerts as well as SSL security and HTTPS server protocol.  These upgrades allow the end-users significantly more control and analytics while providing the highest level of security.  While the main function of the SP2000 device is to reduce energy costs, the advanced software that comes with the system will provide actionable data that will further increase savings and shorten the overall payback period.  Hamid Pishadian, NAME’s CIO, stated, “Many of our clients are recognizing that the information they are able to gather often leads to just as much savings as the device itself, and to them that translates to real value”.

In addition to the updated SPIDER system, PMI has launched its Supervisor product.  The Supervisor is a browser-based monitoring system that allows the end-user to monitor multiple SP2000 Units in different locations.  End-users will have all the benefits of the SPIDER system with added features.  Some of these features include; customizable event notification with Smart Detection, automatic email alerts, remote monitoring and a location map where facility managers or owners can drill down on a specific SP2000 unit.  The Supervisor is recommended for customers purchasing 5 or more SP2000 units.

The ideal candidate for the SP2000 system is any facility that has three-phase inductive motors with low power factors and monthly electric bills of at least $10,000.  Some industries include; Data Centers, Supermarkets, Hotels, Ice Rinks, etc.  If it’s determined that the SP2000 is the right fit for your facility, PMI will provide a free audit and utilize our proprietary technology to estimate the energy savings for a particular facility with an approximate ROI.

The SP2000 is PMI’s Flagship product.  PMI holds 3 U.S Patents on their SP2000 Energy Management System and current successful installs include; large grocery chains, data centers and national hotels.   For more information regarding the SP2000 products, SPIDER or Supervisor monitoring systems, please visit www.powermetricsintl.com.

The SP2000 models A, B, and E come in either 208 volt or 480 volt versions and can reduce energy usage up to 15 percent once installed. Because the SP2000 models have a novel switch they are 5 times more efficient than traditional switchable KVAR or capacitor boxes, have a 3 year warranty, and a lifespan of over 10 years.  “We are thrilled to see the impact the SP2000 is having on our current customers. Their savings are real and the testimonials and letters are representative of their excitement.  Not all devices delivered as promised but it is clear that is not the case with the SP2000,” Spinelli stated.




About Power Metrics International:  Power Metrics International is the leading manufacturer of energy management systems in the US.  Our high quality products use components from leading companies that have a history of experience, reliability, quality and integrity. For additional product information, visit www.powermetricsintl.com, call 718-524-4370 or send an email to info@power-metrics.com.

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